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Let us know what you need! Be Lovely currently books 2-3 events per month, and 1-2 portrait sessions a week. If you have dates, times, ideas, or awesome songs you'd like to recommend to my playlist, go ahead and fill out these forms! Email is checked frequently, and we will respond quickly, I promise.

As you're writing, be sure to include any important information that clarifies your photographic needs. With specifics, we can help determine the best plans for your artistic endeavor. We usually book portrait sessions early in the morning, or early evening, for best light. We can find indoor locations if necessary, but natural light is best. Most weddings are Friday or Saturday, but we love that odd Thursday night event! And if you want to know, just ask. There are no stupid questions, just silly sayings like this one.

If your email isn't answered in a day or two, message me directly at Thanks!

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